Rain Man, Lies He Told: Book Two

Can Rain solve his last case without getting his girlfriend arrested?

Rainier is a survivor. He’s made some mistakes, and now he’s paying for them. As a condition of his probation, he must work with the police on investigations where his skills might be useful. There is one more case to solve to complete his commitments. Then he’ll be free. As he heads undercover to work this last case, Sophia arrives in town. She is a childhood crush who means a great deal to Rain, and she is obviously terrified of someone.

Sophia has made a bad choice in the past, and now she’s in hiding to avoid dealing with it. Still, it follows her, and Rainier is the only one she can trust to help her deal with it.

Rain’s problem? The clues he uncovers on his final case all seem to lead directly to Sophia. Can he solve the case without breaking his heart or pointing the police in his girlfriend’s direction?

Reviews –

A great read. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Good storyline. Captivating characters. Couldn’t put it down.

Rainer Murdoch survived the investigation into the murder of his friend and business partner with only minor charges and probation that included assisting the police in cases as needed. Now he has the opportunity to be released from probation and finally move on with his life after one last case. Unlike the cases he is usually assigned, this one involves a drug ring and their money trail. More danger, more death. Further complications arise when Sophia Bonner, “uncle” Toby’s daughter shows up next door and it looks like she may need protection from something or someone at a time when he can’t be there for her.

This is another great Sylvie Grayson crime mystery. Thrilling suspense and excellent plot development. I hope there is more about Rain Man and Sophia in future books.

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