More from my Garden

Things are still popping in my garden. This flower is known as phlox, also called Sweet William. It grows wild where I live, but is a wonderful contribution to my garden. I let a lot of the stalks stay until they dry, then I shake them out over the ground to ensure a nice crop of volunteers the next year. The thing is, it blooms after the rhodos and azaleas, and before the dahlias, so is a great contribution.

Here is a beautiful swallowtail butterfly feeding on the phlox flowers.

I will announce the winners of the book Dead Wrong very soon.

Book contest

Dead Wrong by Sylvie Grayson

This month I have a contest for you. To enter send me an email at with the subject ‘Best thing about Spring”. I’ll pick two winners to win an ebook version of Dead Wrong —

Blurb –  Shelley Blake is a nine-year-old child prodigy in a sixth-grade classroom when she first meets Chris Wright. He’s the big boy in the desk behind who takes her under his protective wing.

But soon she leaves him behind to attend a different school and skip another grade. When she begins university, her classmates observe her extreme youth and walk a wide berth around her. Lonely, she meets charming Billy Zach, but new love soon turns sour. Then Billy disappears.

Years later, Chris appears again in Shelley’s life and she wonders if she can trust her growing attraction to him. She’s already dealing with her father’s worsening emphysema, her sister’s secrets, and the demands of her still fledgling business, When the police return, asking questions about Billy Zach, and more evidence is uncovered, Shelley realizes none of it will matter if she’s heading to prison for a murder she didn’t commit.

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