Belated Birthday Celebration!

I met my sisters for lunch this week. They ambushed me with a wonderful homemade birthday cake and presents. (My birthday is in July)

Blooming sunflowers from their gardens.

Many lovely hand stitched cloth bags to hold whatever I need.

I teased them– asking if this was last year’s birthday celebration or next year’s? The answer– last year’s. If it was for next year, they would have waited a few more months.

How blessed am I, to have such siblings.

Legal Obstruction, book contest

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This month I’m giving away two copies of Legal Obstruction . To enter to win, please send me an email at and use Legal Obstruction for the subject line. Tell me what you have done, however small or brief, for a summer getaway this year. I’ll enter your name in the contest!

Emily moves to a new town to hide her secret, but it follows her. Can Joe protect her from her past?

When Emily Drury takes a job as legal counsel for an import-export company, she doesn’t make the decision lightly. She needs to get away to safety.Joe Tanner counts himself lucky. He’s charmed a successful big city lawyer into heading up the legal department of his rapidly expanding business. But why would a beautiful woman who could easily make partner in the high profile legal firm where she works, give it all up to come to a place like Bonnie?A mystery surrounds her arrival that wraps them both in ever tightening tentacles. As Joe realizes she has become essential to his happiness, his first reaction is to protect her. But he doesn’t know the whole story.

Can Emily trust him enough to divulge her secret? Will he learn what he needs to know in time to stop the avalanche that’s gaining speed as it races down the hill toward her?



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Boating, Gulf Islands

We took our boat out last weekend. We bought the boat in April this year, but have been too busy to use it. Finally, a chance to get on the water. We headed into the Gulf Islands, passing Salt Spring, a long three sectioned island, the biggest of them.  We stopped at Chemainus and Ladysmith on Vancouver Island for a family visit, then went across Stuart Channel to Kuper Island, then Thetis.

If you look at a map of the west coast, you’ll see that the American border zigzags just below these islands.  We tied up at Telegraph Harbour Marina for the night,

and travelled on to a Thetis Island cove the next day to try out the anchor and have a saltwater swim. Then home. It was a great getaway, if short. Before summer is over, we will definitely go again, with a longer timeline. Here is an arbutus tree, a unique green-leafed evergreen species.

They grow along the coastline, and on the gulf islands. It likes drought, thus lives well in the rocky, thin-soiled island areas. The arbutus has a lovely aromatic white blossom in the spring and bright red berries in the fall. This tree is peeling its bark, normal for the time of year, and the bright red underneath is the new bark appearing.

What have you done this summer for a getaway?


Bike ride at Victoria airport

I went for a bike ride around the Victoria airport yesterday. It wasn’t too hot, nor crowded– a perfect day for a ride. I love to go out there once or twice a week and ride the perimeter. Not doing much writing these days, too many distractions and events in our lives at the moment.

This is the small park at the top of the rise across from the airport buildings. Those are copper eagle feathers standing beside the trees, quite lovely. It takes me about 45 minutes to do the ride, I usually stop to drink water and huff and puff. My husband does a longer ride on his bike and meets me partway through this trail.

You can see the mountains on the other side of the water of Patricia Bay. Here is the harbour down below.

Pat Bay is home to a Canadian Coast Guard base as well as a seaplane port known as Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome . The bike path is paved (thank you, Lord) which is much easier for me to navigate, even though there are some significant hills,  than many of the trails near us that are former train routes and covered with gravel and dirt. When the gravel is freshly poured on those trails, it is a real chore to force your bike tires through it.

The Last War – Book three

Life happens, right? I have had a year like that, with events erupting all around me—some shocking, some sad, many causing stress and fatigue. My goal for next year is to greet it with good health, having rested and recuperated from all the disruption of 2019.

I wish you all a fabulous summer, time to swim and hike, time to spend with family and friends. Time to read! 😊

Truth and Treachery, Book Three by Sylvie Grayson

The third book in The Last War series – The Young Emperor has been backed into a corner Now, his ambitions are aimed at overthrowing everything Khandarken has cobbled together since the Last War.

Cownden Lanser, Chief Constable of Khandarken, is a private man with a close connection to the Old Empire that he doesn’t divulge to anyone. Although he’s dedicated to his position, things are not what they seem in the rank and file of the police.

Selanna Nettles is a sookie, trained in Legitamia but working near her family in the Western Territory of Khandarken, healing the injured mine workers and the dispossessed. But her life takes a startling turn when Chief Cownden Lanser hires her to attend a set of high-level meetings in Gilsigg.

When these three meet up in Legitamia, the result is explosive. Not just for them but for the future of Khandarken. The Emperor makes Cownden an offer that might be everything he’s secretly dreamed of. How can he refuse?

The Last War series is a stunning portrayal of a new world created from fire and consumed at the edges… sci fi/fantasy at its best…


Truth and Treachery is on sale! Grab it now for 99cents

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