Hawaiian stop, Time to recharge


I am in Hawaii, having a chance to recharge my batteries. It’s been a busy year, and it took a good week to unwind before I began to relax and really enjoy myself. Nothing like taking a break, but especially in such a fabulous place and climate.

Have I been doing any writing? Not much. Going to the gym every second day, and taking a swim every day, except when the wind blew so strongly the waves were fierce and dangerous. Otherwise, into that fabulous water.

I’ll be back in time for the end of the month. Hope you have a fabulous rest of January.

January blues -Christmas letdown :)


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Here I am, back to work after cleaning up the mess from the Christmas and New Year’s celebration. I’m always a little down when it’s over, because it’s such a fun time of year. However, pull up my socks and get to work (pulling up my socks here – no they aren’t new ones from under the tree).

There are lots of things to look forward to this year. I have Book Four of The Last War Series coming out in March. I’m just working on the cover with my designer. It’s a milestone book for the series, as the next war is about to begin. Selanna’s brother makes a very fine hero for the story.

Moon Shine is going well, thank you to my fans. Talk soon.