Finalist in Sceal Book Award – The Lies He Told Me

I’ve just received the news – my book The Lies He Told Me has been named as a finalist in the Sceal Awards. The Winner will be named in April

2017 Scéal Book Award Finalist_Romantic Suspense-1

The Sceal Award is sponsored by the website Books and Benches

Books and benches

This is a great reader site, so have a look at all that they do for readers and writers.

My book cover, below, has garnered a lot of attention. Books and Benches review said – “Good thriller!

It tells the story of Chloe, her son Davey, and Police Detective Ross Cullen. Chloe discovered she never knew the man, Jeff, who she had married . . . he simply vanished from her life! She tried to move on, but danger still lurked around her. That’s when Ross, who is investigating her husband’s disappearance, enters her life and comes to her rescue. Will he be able to help her? Will he discover the true identity of Jeff? Together they embark on a journey of discovery, of lies, and secrets.”


More snow, and Book Release soon, watch for it

IMG_1496 IMG_1497

Arrived home from Hawaii to more snow. This is our driveway. The other photo is the flood plain below our house. It is frozen over solid, and all the ducks and Canada geese are huddled on the snow bank on the other side, waiting for it to thaw.

Working on Book Four, of The Last War Series. Called Weapon of Tyrants, I will have the cover release soon. Watch for it!