Snow has arrived

The snow has finally arrived, and winter is officially here on the Wet Coast. I know it doesn’t look like much white stuff compared to what you have been putting up with, but right now it is coming down in a clear fall. Will it block the drive? Not too likely. All our vehicles are 4 x wheel drive, this is Canada after all so we can get through most any kind of dump, unless the rain washes the driveway out. It is only -3 here, we have the wood fireplace going and it’s very cosy. I love that fireplace. We also have a gas one, and it works well, but there’s nothing like a wood burner.

Just got home from the World Outlook Conference in Vancouver.  What is the world outlook these days? Lots of upheaval and uncertainty. A bear market is on its way but not quite yet, according to most of the speakers. That’s good news, right?

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