Big Words- but write what you know

Do you ever come across a word that you’ve never heard before? One that sounds imppressive but you aren’t sure of the meaning? Here’s one — ultracrepidarianism. I heard it used on a Ted Talk and just had to look it up. It means ‘the habit of giving advice outside of one’s knowledge or competence.’ Great word, eh? (that ‘eh’ tells you I’m Canadian)

The challenge would be- how to use it? Can you imagine a situation where you might slip it into a casual conversation? For one thing, just pronouncing it means it won’t slip in anywhere.  However, my challenge this week is to use it without stumbling over my tongue. 

This is one thing about writing that I always expound on (but not ad nauseum, of course). Write what you know. That’s my rule and I think a good one. I have a background in business, law, hard work. When I read a book about business and find something silly in it, it means I have to stop reading and put the book down . Don’t speculate about what it might be like to be a business owner, a physician, a cop, a worker in a laundromat. Find out, check  your facts, ask someone with knowledge to help you out. That way you can form your story with confidence. Happy reading!

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  1. Deb Hartman says:

    Acronyms are another one for me. I know author’s make them up and it is frustrating to Google it and draw a blank. I wish at least the first time it is used, an explanation would follow. Made up or not.

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