Cover reveal, The Last War series

Book Six is on pre-order, here is the cover. Great, right? Steven Novak does a fantastic job!

Loyal Hawker has been drawn into the Banderos family feud and he must protect Angel at any cost from her brother’s ruthless ambitions

While working as a travelling seller, Loyal Hawker, has joined an elite team of undercover agents run by the Khandarken military. On a trip south, he’s approached by Angel Banderos, only daughter among the many sons of Gerwal Banderos. Gerwal is a well-known strongman who seized much of the unclaimed territory north of Adar Silva at the end of the Last War. With Emperor Carlton invading in an attempt to reclaim his Empire, danger hovers over the Banderos land, and the brothers show they’re not as united as they first appear.

During the ensuing chaos, when the the Banderos compound is beseiged. Loyal must work in the midst of deceit and betrayal to protect what is left of Angel’s heritage. Can he survive long enough to find out who’s targeting Angel and save her from her treacherous brothers?

To pre-order, go here. Price goes up on release date, April 16.

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2 Responses to Cover reveal, The Last War series

  1. Bill Ballantine says:

    What are the titles of Books 1 – 5? There do not appear to be any.

    • Khandarken Rising, Book One. Son of the Emperor, Book Two. Truth and Treachery, Book Three. Weapon of Tyrants, Book Four. Prince of Jiran, Book Five. Thanks for asking Bill.

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