Stuff on my desk

It has been very hectic around my house this week. My desk isn’t usually this chaotic. Items on my desk today- kleenex (just threw it away, but this cold won’t leave), stapler (to keep my files organized), note from library (to take my 5 year old grandson to the Lego event), yellow pad (to keep me organized, of course), small notepad (details of the next book), pens (always need one handy), broken cup (place to keep the pens), calculator (duh), mouse (doesn’t work that well without a mouse pad), printer (yes, always need that), sticky notes (use tons of these).

What have you got on your desk?

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2 Responses to Stuff on my desk

  1. Kevin says:

    My dear Sylvie:
    You can’t possibly suggest that you have a chaotic desk. How about a picture of your husband’s for comparison? AND “No” I won’t send a picture of mine. That would just be a huge embarrassment.

    • Hi Kevin, Okay, so my husband’s desk can’t be found let alone seen. There is too much Important Stuff stacked on it. But it seems to work for him. 🙂 However, I’m pretty disappointed that you won’t divulge what your’s looks like. 🙁

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