Cover release for new book – The Lies He Told Me

LiesHeToldMe_CVR_XSML-1 To be released soon – Follow website to receive notice of new releases, click ‘Follow’ button on lower right.

When Chloe Bowman woke to find her husband gone, never did she imagine it would take so long to find him, or that in the midst of the search she’d discover she didn’t really know this man at all. As she struggles to put her life back together, she realizes she has been left alone with her young son and a time bomb on her hands.

Police Detective Ross Cullen was already investigating Chloe’s husband when he disappeared. Did the guy realize the police were onto him? Although Ross is drawn to the grieving woman, he also knows that when one member of a family disappears, the first place to look for the suspect is among those closest to him. No one is closer than Chloe.

Lurking in the shadows is the mysterious Rainman who travels under an unknown name. But the deeper Ross digs the less he knows, and the more he’s attracted to the young wife who fascinates him. Can Ross break through the Rainman’s disguises to solve the case so he can be with Chloe?

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18 Responses to Cover release for new book – The Lies He Told Me

  1. Great cover, Sylvie. Just the right mix of appealing and mysterious. I love the way the books look so good together.

  2. Pat Amsden says:

    I love, love, love this cover. And the premise sends shivers down my spine.

  3. Sounds like this one has everything! I’d expect it would keep you guessing until the very end. And I really like the cover art.

  4. Zan Marie says:

    Congrats on the book! I love the cover.
    And Happy Blitz Day!!!!

  5. Marlene says:

    Looks like a great book. Happy Blitz Day!

  6. Dawn says:

    This is my genre. Love reading books like this. Happy Blitz Day!

  7. dolorah says:

    Intriguing premise. Congrats on the release Sylvie.

  8. Excellent cover! Congrats and happy Blitz Day!

  9. That would be one heck of a shock! Well, two, actually. Finding your husband gone and then finding out he’s not the man you thought would be devastating.

    Congrats on your book and on your Blitz Day.

  10. Trisha says:

    Ooh, sounds like a very eerie but gripping read. 🙂

    Happy Blitz day, Sylvie!!

  11. Julie Abeita says:

    That sounds like a good read.

    Happy belated Blitz Day.


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