Stuff on my desk

It has been very hectic around my house this week. My desk isn’t usually this chaotic. Items on my desk today- kleenex (just threw it away, but this cold won’t leave), stapler (to keep my files organized), note from library (to take my 5 year old grandson to the Lego event), yellow pad (to keep me organized, of course), small notepad (details of the next book), pens (always need one handy), broken cup (place to keep the pens), calculator (duh), mouse (doesn’t work that well without a mouse pad), printer (yes, always need that), sticky notes (use tons of these).

What have you got on your desk?

Welcome this New Year like never before!


I have a recommendation for you this year— Do What Matters in 2020

Here is some information on how to wind up the old year and welcome the new—with gusto!

  1. Set aside a little time to reflect on 2019. List your best accomplishments.
  2. Express your gratitude. And you can use your list to cover those events.
  3. Keep a positive attitude, and in this way leave the old year behind, and look forward to the new one. Forgive everyone who has hurt you, including yourself. It takes the sting away.
  4. Once you’ve looked at your good times and been thankful, set your goals for the New Year. The list doesn’t have to be long, but focus really helps.
  5. Once the goals are set, break it down into time management chunks, such as three month intervals, or monthly goalposts.
  6. Now is the time to schedule your activity to enable you to reach those goals. The schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it sure helps keep the focus and measure your progress.
  7. In the midst of all that, don’t forget to set aside time to unplug— we all need to refresh and maintain our connections with family and friends.

Well? What do you think? Will this process work? This is the first time I’ve tried it so I’ll let you know how it goes. Have you done this before? Let’s compare results. Leave a comment or send me an email at

3 Things Making Me Happy This Christmas

3 Things Making Me Happy This Christmas

  1. My family will be all around me for the season. We have our children here, and their children for the traditional dinner on the 25th. Around New Year we host a get together for extended family that usually involves 25 to 30 people. I’m lucky to have a big, close-knit family.
  2. I finally finished the second book in the Lies He Told This one is called Rain Man, Lies He Told: Book Two, and is just waiting for the holiday season to be over before I begin the final edits. Yay!!
  3. I have a contest for you- an ebook copy of Moon Shine. Merry Christmas!

The season’s giveaway contest – Moon Shine

Some secrets are too dangerous to keep

After losing her husband to a deadly illness, Julia Butler is determined to look after her family, but this is the 1930’s and times are tough for everyone. As the endless string of jobless men trudges past her farm, she does her best to hang on. Then two strangers suddenly appear at her home. They are hiding something that places her family in immediate danger.

Dr. Will Stofford has become disillusioned with women. In an effort to heal his broken heart, he leaves his brothers behind and sets up his medical practice in the Kootenays where no one knows him.

Meeting Julia throws his plans into chaos. Will can’t turn his back on a challenge and he won’t rest until he solves this puzzle and puts things right.

In the 1930’s, can a country doctor and a determined widow save the lives of these abandoned strangers?

Moon Shine by Sylvie Grayson

The story takes place in rural Canada during 1930’s. Times are tough especially for a widow living on a farmstead on the outskirts of town with two young children to bring up. This is a well written story, characters have depth, the writing flows and the reader feels as though they know everybody involved. It covers the poverty and hardships families suffer from the depression, social prejudice and illegal activities. 

This is just the sort of story I enjoy – ordinary people who struggle through the depression and hardships weathering the ups and downs that life throws at them, contending with small town living where everyone knows everybody’s business. A thoroughly enjoyable read.  Amazon reviewer

Buy link

To enter the contest—send me an email at with the subject Moon Shine, and tell me what you are happy about this season. All emails must be by December 30. I will choose the 5 winners on Jan 2. 😊



Legal Obstruction, book contest

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Emily moves to a new town to hide her secret, but it follows her. Can Joe protect her from her past?

When Emily Drury takes a job as legal counsel for an import-export company, she doesn’t make the decision lightly. She needs to get away to safety.Joe Tanner counts himself lucky. He’s charmed a successful big city lawyer into heading up the legal department of his rapidly expanding business. But why would a beautiful woman who could easily make partner in the high profile legal firm where she works, give it all up to come to a place like Bonnie?A mystery surrounds her arrival that wraps them both in ever tightening tentacles. As Joe realizes she has become essential to his happiness, his first reaction is to protect her. But he doesn’t know the whole story.

Can Emily trust him enough to divulge her secret? Will he learn what he needs to know in time to stop the avalanche that’s gaining speed as it races down the hill toward her?



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