Moon Shine – Some secrets are too dangerous to keep…


Some secrets are too dangerous to keep…

A thrilling novel of romantic suspense from author Sylvie Grayson.- Released soon, watch for it.

After losing her husband to a deadly illness, Julia Butler is determined to look after her family, but this is the 1930’s and times are tough for everyone. As the endless string of jobless men trudges past her farm, she does her best to hang on. Then two strangers suddenly appear at her home. They are hiding something that places her family in danger, and nothing will ever be the same.

Dr. Will Stofford has become disillusioned with women. In an effort to heal his broken heart, he leaves his brothers behind and sets up his medical practice in the Kootenays where no one knows him.

Meeting Julia throws his plans into chaos. Will can’t turn his back on a challenge and he won’t rest until he solves this puzzle and puts things right.

If marrying Julia is part of the solution, then so much the better.

Full Monty – movie, Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson


Unemployed men in the north of England are willing to try anything to scrape together a living and at the same time, uphold their dignity. The plan is to hold a fund raiser in the bar, with male strippers.

This is a compelling story on many levels, for there’s more at stake than a bit of money and having some fun. Fatigued and out of work, the men wonder if they’re still men. Dave is afraid of losing his wife, Gaz is already divorced, and their suicidal pal Lomper is living a dreary celibate life

Given the programme, the film seems oddly innocent. It’s a comedy about male full-frontal exposure, or, as one character puts it, men prancing around Sheffield with their widgers hanging out. Rife with nudging and guffawing, the steelworkers turned male strippers are less raunchy than awkward and well-meaning.

What The Full Monty is, though, is political, in a gentle way. Great characters and very good acting by Tom Wilkinson and Robert Carlyle, among others. Worth watching even now, sixteen years later.

Stand By Me – movie, River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland

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This movie is thirty years old now, yet still resonates with me. It is the story of four boys, all troubled and disturbed in some way with life and loss. Unexpectedly they set out on a journey to find a dead body, which leads them into all kinds of trouble and danger, yet through it all they stick together.

The movie is inspiring as you watch the challenges they face individually with their familes and face together on the trip. Kiefer Sutherland plays a teenage bad guy, and River Phoenix is excellent as the de-facto leader of the small group.

But the whole story is seen from the point of view of one of the boys as an adult, with a son of his own. Richard Dreyfuss plays this role, and as he looks back, he sees what they gained and lost through this adventure.

Based on a Stephen King novella, Stand By Me is worth a watch, for sure.

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Michael Clayton – excellent movie


This movie is 9 years old, so nothing new here, but George Clooney did such a fabulous job in a very tense and stirring story that I’ve watched it more than once, just last night again. 🙂 Tilly Swinton and Tom Wilkinson are also great in their roles. This is a muscular, rough story of a lawyer who is really ‘just a janitor’. His job is to clean up after the firm’s clients when needed, with the promise held out that ‘soon’ he’ll become partner in the law firm.

These are talented actors. Tom Wilkinson has done so many great films, from Full Monty to Secrets and Lies. Here he plays a senior partner in the law firm who is struggling with mental problems, along with the stigma of the work they do for their clients. Just another job for the janitor to handle. Have a look, this movie does not disappoint.

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Willow – the fantasy movie, Val Kilmer


Do you remember the movie ‘Willow’, from Ron Howard and George Lucas? It stars Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley, a fantasy story about dwarves and swordfights.

I first watched it with my children years ago and now when some youngster comes to the house, we sometimes trot it out. Kids love it, partly because they seem to identify with the dwarves who win the day in the end against the army of the wicked witch. There is lots of magic and action.

I love it. It’s cute, gutsy, clever and vastly entertaining. What movie do you like to watch now and then?