Happy Spring! Flowers in bloom

Spring is suddenly here! Look at the wisteria on my balcony railing. The leaves appeared in one week, and the flowers followed three days later. How great is that?

All at once, everything is in bloom – wisteria, lupines, Japanese tree peonies, rhodos, rose geraniums, azaleas, camellias and sweet william. Luckily I also plant dahlias, because with the overwhelming activity right now, in a month there wouldn’t be anything left to bloom in my garden.

My new book, Dead Wrong, a contemporary romantic suspense, is ready for release but I’m wrestling with what the cover should look like. And we are going travelling for the next while. So I’ve decided to leave those issues all behind and head out with the freedom to see some exciting and wonderful sights and worry about everything else when we get home. Happy Spring!


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